Before these past few weeks it’d gotten pretty quiet*. So we’ve been happy to hear the sense of loyalty, and the personal stories of Stag (trust us, we love it just as much as you), and that’s why we’re making some moves. Because if we didn’t, if all stayed status quo** it’s a very real possibility that we’d suffer the same fate as so many brands that came before us, as well as so many brands that have come after us – we’d disappear.

Rather than let that happen, rather than let Stag disappear, we made some bold choices and took action. Evolution or expiration; that simple, really. We won’t apologize for trying to keep Stag alive or keep it relevant; for modernizing not just how Stag looks but really, what it stands for – what’s now and what’s next.

In the end, it’s not about a logo, at all. Stag is about representing the best of our local communities and those willing to commit, contribute, and be a part of the Renaissance across our city and our region. Like Tonina, like James Forbes, and perhaps, just like you.

We'd love to keep the conversation going. In fact, let us buy you a Stag this Summer. We're hosting three 'Stag Gold / Thank you' parties starting in July. 

- Stay tuned, and Stay Gold -

*Stag sales -5% consecutive past three years (2018, 2017, 2016), Nielsen, 6/4/19

** Pour One Out for the Fading American Beer Industry, Bloomberg, 3/1/19